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We all know how it feels to spend the whole day packing, only to find out you don’t have room for all your things. If this ever happens to you during your move to Atlanta, our storage partners can help. There’s no need to make room for everything. Our partners offer short-term and long-term storage in Atlanta to keep your items safe until you’re ready for them.

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    Benefits of Our Atlanta Storage Options

    Find room for anything-small or large.

    As you prepare to move, you might be in the mood to declutter. First, that’s a great idea, as it can help you see what’s taking up space in your home. However, you might want to hang onto your items, particularly if you feel that you or your kids may find them beneficial in the future. We’re happy to help find the right Atlanta storage in whatever unit serves you the best.

    Know that the units are maintained to the top standards.

    We believe that it’s important to have good-quality storage units, as these units stand as your items’ new home for as long as you need. Our suppliers take great care of the units to uphold their condition and deter pests. You may also bring your own mothballs and anything else that you would like.

    Worry less, knowing that your items are safe.

    Security is one of our top priorities. We only partner with Atlanta storage providers who feel the same. Our partners locations are safe and secure, as well as your belongings. Most of the storage units have friendly staff members on hand who will watch over the units and stay available to answer any questions you might have.

    The location is convenient to access anytime.

    Have you been wondering, “Is there storage near me?” The chances are, yes! Our storage suppliers are located throughout Atlanta and the surrounding cities. That makes it easy to find space for your items without causing you to commute too far when you need to grab something.

    Enjoy climate-controlled facilities.

    If you’re searching for a storage unit with electricity in Atlanta, GA, and with climate control, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll feel good knowing that your belongings are safe from the humidity and rain. Climate-controlled Atlanta storage means your items have a lesser chance of fading and getting worn due to the temps. It also ensures you’ll stay comfortable when you pop over for a visit.

    Access your items anytime

    Most of our storage units have 24/7 access. This is especially helpful if you work nights or only have time to pop over on the weekend. All you’ll need is a pin or keycard to enter. Consult your moving company to find out the rules and hours of your local storage unit in San Jose.

    We Also Provide:

    Local Moving Services in Atlanta

    If you decide you need more than storage solutions, we’re happy to assist. We can help you move anywhere in the Atlanta area. Just say the word.

    Long-Distance Moves in Over 28 States

    Moving far away from ATL? Not to worry. We can provide a driver to many spots throughout the U.S. and multiple other services to make this life change a breeze.

    Top 5 Ways to Organize Your Storage Unit

    Moving is difficult enough without struggling to keep your storage unit organized. We strongly suggest that you label all your boxes, totes, and other containers before putting them into storage.
    • 1
      Create a walkway

      If you have a teen, you likely have said the words, “Make sure that your room is clean enough so that I can walk through it.” With so many items in your storage unit, it can easily take away your walking room. That makes it a challenge to find anything. However, a simple walkway can save you tons of time and frustration when you’re on the lookout for items.

    • 2
      Position any large items in the back.

      When you’re trying to track down an old suitcase to take on a trip, or you’re hunting for that textbook you think you left in the storage unit, nothing gets in the way faster than large boxes or items. The solution? Keep these items near the back of your unit and on the floor so that they’re easier to move around.

    • 3
      Stack your items with the heaviest objects at the base.

      Sometimes, we have to pack up heavy items. It’s always best to keep them on the floor and put lighter items on top so that nothing gets broken. A heavy object doesn’t have to be a large appliance. In general, remember this: the heavier an object is, the lower it should be to the ground when it comes to organizing a storage unit.

    • 4
      Consolidate, consolidate, consolidate.

      If you have an entertainment center with lots of drawers or openings, consider organizing items in and around it. Often, we forget that large items offer great storage on their own. When you utilize every inch of unused space that you can, you’ll have more room for your other possessions. (It’ll also keep things clean.)

    • 5
      Create a map for everything.

      You never thought you’d get to use those skills from your high school art class again; did you? Great news: now’s your chance. Just kidding, but on a real note, drawing a simple map for your storage unit can be a huge time-saver. Include a few details on where you put everything so that it’s easy to track down in case you need to make a trip over.

    • 6
      Always store mirrors standing up

      If you’re packing heavy items in boxes, place them at the very bottom. You can include lighter possessions on top so that they don’t get crushed. A heavier item could be considered something as simple as a photo album. You would want to put this item on the bottom of a box and add something small or breakable (e.g., ornaments) on top to keep all intact.

    Get storage in Atlanta for however long you need.

    Whether you’re looking for overnight storage or something longer term, we have multiple units for you to choose from. Atlanta Moving Pros will connect you with a highly rated storage provider and deliver your items to the location if you need assistance.
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