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Why should I choose Atlanta Moving Pros?

Here at Atlanta Moving Pros, we only work with the best, most reputable movers in the area. We vet each mover, performing the necessary background checks. We also seek to provide only the most experienced professionals for your unique job. That makes for less stress and a better all-around moving experience.

Moving Help by the Hour | Atlanta, GA

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    Looking for a specific type of move? We can handle it.


    Need your items delivered to your new location? Not a problem. Our experienced drivers have transported our customers’ prized possessions for many years, and our team knows how to handle any speed bumps or curves with bulky or fragile items in the truck.

    Loading and Unloading

    If you don’t have time to load the moving truck on your own, we can help. Our labor-only movers will carry each box to the moving vehicle and unload each box at the new location whenever works best for you.

    Event Support

    Events never have to be worrisome again. If you don’t have enough hands to set things up, don’t stress. We can offer you hourly movers who are happy to move and rearrange furniture, set up booths, and more.

    Advantages of Our Labor-Only Moving Services in Atlanta

    Need a job done fast? We’ve got you. Atlanta Moving Pros connects you with the most honest, dependable movers in your area who have a knack for moving fast. Allow our local team to help make your move a little easier.

    Upfront Pricing

    Hiring moving help by the hour, you don’t have to stress about your bill showing up as more than double what you expected. We give you all of your prices in the beginning so that there are no surprises about what you owe when it comes to moving help in Atlanta.

    Great Customer Service

    We believe customer service is fundamental to every moving company. Even if we’re only helping out for a few hours, we’ll maintain a high level of professionalism and remain courteous at all times.

    Low Rates

    We realize that moving costs add up fast, which is why we try to save you time and money when we can. Our Atlanta labor-only moving services are a consistent, low cost that’s accessible for many families and businesses.

    Experienced, Insured Drivers

    If you live in Atlanta, you know how the traffic can get. Our drivers have done this a while, and you can trust that your items are in good hands. Wherever the end location is, we’re happy to help.

    Quick Delivery Times

    With us, you’ll have a clear time when your moving help will show up. Also, if you need to reschedule, you’re welcome to do so quickly online or by phone.

    Atlanta labor-only movers are perfect for events, too.

    Unsure if you have enough time to take care of everything you need to do before people show up at your event? Don’t worry. Our capable movers can provide help by the hour to move chairs, set up tables, and do a little of everything in between.

    Bringing out chairs to either side of the aisle and to the reception area is key to helping people find a place to sit. We’re happy to bring chairs out and carry tables if needed. Also, if your band or DJ needs help putting a stage together, say the word, and we’ll be there.

    Office Decluttering

    Looking to clear out any old equipment or files? Our labor-only moving pros are at your service. We can help haul things out of your office and put them in a designated area of your choosing. We can also organize your office after to ensure it better suits your needs.


    If you have a conference in the near future, you might be scrambling trying to get things in order. If so, talk to our labor-only movers in Atlanta! That will give you a chance to concentrate on attending and leading your conference the way you have planned since you first heard about it.


    If you’re a teacher who needs to set up desks in a classroom, labor-only moving services are perfect for you. Our laborers can load and unload anything you need, making it easy to make room in your classroom for your new students.

    Business Events

    Looking to add to your network through trade shows? Plan to have a booth at an upcoming show? Atlanta labor-only moving is great for that. Our team of movers will take care of anything you need to ensure a successful trade show.

    And So Much More!

    Whatever big event is happening in your life, we want to be there through it all. That means birthday parties, family reunions, graduations, school assemblies, sporting events, and more. Whatever it is, we’ll be there to help with whatever you need, from setting everything up to cleaning things up afterward.

    When you need reliable, pay-by-the-hour movers, we’re here for you.

    Atlanta Moving Pros is a great provider for dependable, hourly movers. Let us match you with the best Atlanta labor-only moving professionals. No matter what type of support you need--be it a relocation or event--we are here for you.
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